Guide to eat out healthier

Today people have very busy schedules and lets face it, we tend to eat on the run a lot. There is no avoiding eating out. With a little education and planning we can still stick  to our goals. We just need to create a system to work around our temptations.

Lets talk for a moment about the general activities we enjoy doing and lets look at the alternatives to make better plans to maintain our physical goals.

The culprit and failure is often the week-end or a vacation or a business lunch or supper with clients. It seems like during the week in the office and home we can have some sense of control, but as soon as socialization of any form or relaxation confronts us, we completely fall off the wagon and think “we deserve” the comfort of drinking and eating anything we wish. If you really think about what you are doing, why do you “deserve” something that is toxic for you? Something that will make you age faster and will set back the goals you have for yourself? Gain weight and inflammation that creates an illnesses in your body and shortens your life?

With that said, lets look at better choices that will enhance your life versus take away your life.

We all love to go out and enjoy a dinner, popcorn at the movies, a nice lunch with friends. We also love to have people down for dinner parties and share a nice cocktail.

Sometimes its hard to get away from business lunches or responsibilities which exposes us to bad choices.

What can we do to maintain our health in a world that contradicts a healthy lifestyle?

Even our own friends and family will come up with comments to knock our positive efforts for healthy changes. It makes them feel guilty because they have not chosen to change their bad habits. Your healthy decisions make them stare at their own guilt, right in the eye. They display how they feel when they put your healthy changes down.

This tends to be a human common reaction, but don’t let it discourage you!

Be encouraged that you are on the right track. Be positive energy for those open to see the light to change.

YOU be that change!




I do not recommend eating at Starbucks if you can help it. Pretty much everything is off of the Calorie and macro charts.

Here are 2 exceptions that barely make it and you will probably still walk away hungry.

Its worth buying your food in a place you can enjoy eating. I say grab your coffee and RUN!

IF Desperate and must eat at Starbucks “Breakfast Only”!

Reduced Fat Turkey & Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

Cals- 230 Carbs-28g Protein-16g Fat-6g

Oatmeal Classic Whole Grain

Cals- 160 Carbs- 28g Protein- 5g Fat- 2.5g

Rule for all drinks:

They can’t contain, Cream, Whole Milk

or Sugar. Also try and stay clear of wheat flour products which cause inflammation


-Egg whites

-Plain regular oatmeal = Specify: no sugar please, no cream please, ask to add your own fat free milk and Splenda.

Really hungry: Ask for extra egg whites, ham, Side salad is GREAT: Dark green veggies, avocado is great!

Coffee is fine (add your own Milk and Splenda)

Some restaurants will have a veggie omelette with ham no cheese, rather avocado and sweet potato

Fast Food Alternatives



(Note*Oatmeal not allowed here, contains a lot of sugar Glucose and fructose is our enemy for weight gain and spiking major cravings)

Egg White Delight McMuffin (Add Ham)

Cals- 250 Carbs- 29g Protein-17g Fat- 8g

(removing the muffin top will cut macros and wheat)

If really hungry buy 2 and just eat the egg and ham in the second one. No cheese as it is processed.

Lunch or Supper

Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (use your own dressing)

Calories 350 Fat 12 Protein 37 Carbs 27

Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich Removed Bread Add a salad

Calories 380 Fat 6g Protein 37 Carbs 44

Omit eating the Top part of the bun you will save 100 calories and 20 useless carbs, also order it without any dressing. Add mustard or just be happy with the tomato and ask for extra lettuce or add a side salad with Italian dressing.



Wheat is not something I recommend so try and place foods with salads but you can also bring along your own Ezekiel Bread or if you must eat a bread go with the Flat bread

If you order the egg and Cheese order it with “no Cheese” add Avocado instead

You can actually get two meals out of one to decrease on the bread.

Order double Egg Whites and double Black Forest Ham Get them to cut it in half. Load each half separately with veggies. Take the one half to go and eat the other half.

Each Half will contain:

Calories: 270 Carbs 30g Protein 24g Fat 3g

Lunch or Supper

Carved Turkey

330 calories Fat 5 Protein 25 Carbs 45

(Omit the top of the bun to remove carbs and calories, ask for 12 grain bread, no mayo)

Oven Roasted Chicken

Calories 320 Fat 5 Protein 23 Carbs 46

(Omit the top of the bun to remove carbs and calories, ask for 12 grain bread, no mayo)

Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich

Calories 350 Fat 6g Protein 29g Carbs 45g

(Omit the top of the bun to remove carbs and calories, ask for 12 grain bread, Very important: no mayo!)


Plain Hamburger

Calories 220 Fat 8g Protein 11g Carbs 26g

(Omit top of bun: Takes away 60 calories 13g carbs 4g protein 1g fat)

Again if you can have your own Ezekiel bread on hand this will be so much better, if not have a salad. If you must eat bread, just cut back on the bread consumed as it spikes insulin levels and gives you cravings and weight gain and a multitude of other health issues start with Wheat, Glucose and not eating good fats.

Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich

( Ask for NO mayo) Calories 320  Fat 6g Carbs 35g Protein 32g

(Omit top of bun: Takes away 60 calories 13g carbs 4g protein 1g fat)

*TIP Add more veggies to your burger use your own Ezekiel Bread or use only half the bun with a piece of  lettuce on top.TIP* You can also “ask” for 2 leaves of lettuce and make your own lettuce burger. Order 2 patties with the veggies.

Plain Garden Salad

(Use your own dressing, their dressings online are awful)

Calories 15 Protein 1 Carbs 3 Fat 0


(This restaurant lacks lean picks even though they have salads, they are madden with sugar and fat, but here are a few choices)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

300 Calories Fat 3.5g Protein 28g Carbs 18g

(Take top part of Bun off to save 85 calories, 17g carbs no dressing)

Grilled Chicken Wrap

No cheese no dressing

Calories 190 Fat 4.5g Protein 17g Carbs 21g

NOTE* Using your own dressing and also Ezekiel Bread changes your entire meal to be a much healthier option.

Here are the best choices ordering in any sit down restaurants:


First if you are on the run, try and hit a grocery store before going to a restaurant. If you want some bread you can buy Ezekiel Bread. The Deli usually has boneless Skinless Chicken breasts hot and ready to eat. The store usually carries Salads without dressings and they usually will have olive oil and balsamic ready for you to use and lemon wedges.

You can often make your own salad as well from salad bars they have in some grocery stores.

Its fast and easy and healthy. This is the best fast food choice.

Baked Steamed Grilled are always best choices as well.

What happens when you decide to eat off the Plan

Remember if you fall off the wagon for one meal, that was a decision you made! “It wasn’t an accident.” “It was a choice.” Just make sure you don’t write off the rest of the day and continue on a path of feeling like you screwed up. You didn’t! Everyone chooses to indulge, just make sure its not something you do often. Get back on track for your next meal. There is nothing wrong with enjoying your life within reason. Just keep it clean as much as you can. Small choices turn into lasting choices, you will see BIG results and you will reach your goals.


If you are to dine out go online prior to entering the restaurant. Pre-select your option so you can make sure the restaurant has your choices. Call ahead ask if they can modify the dish you may want. This saves time and possibly putting yourself into a bad situation that you feel stuck ordering something bad or feeling embarrassed. Don’t even look at the menu once you enter the restaurant, order right away. Don’t wait for other people to order either or you might get tempted and change your order. Once they hear what you are ordering often you will be the good influence and your friends will think twice about eating bad. YOU be the LEADER!


Steakhouses: Order a nice big Steak, Chicken or White Fish Vegetables e.g. asparagus is a fantastic choice or a nice big salad (no cheese, Olives, croutons) ask for all veggies and either a vinaigrette, balsamic, olive oil, lemon dressing on the side.

Seafood Restaurants: (No greasy deep fried joints) This is an easy place to find good choices as well. Any white fish, Shrimp (NOT deep friend and NOT breaded) Crab with a salad or Veggies. Ask them to not add butter or any cream sauces.

Salad dressings: Balsamic and Olive oil or Lemon is super healthy, Vinaigrette

Mexican Food : A salad bowl covered in salsa, guacamole, chicken, and sauteed veggies.

Remember a grilled chicken burger can easily turn into a plate of chicken breast with vegetables, just scrap the toxic wheat bun and all that mayo and sauces that go with it.

-99% of ALL the restaurants have Chicken and Veggies.

Grilled  Steak, Chicken, Fish broccoli, mixed greens, asparagus, mixed veggies are usually easy to find even if you have to scrap a bun and sauce.

Of course order GRILLED, obviously NOT breaded and fried! If you get two sides – just get double vegetables.

You can also often change reg potatoes for sweet potatoes which makes it a better choice.

Go for baked instead of french fries, and avoid loading it up with sour cream! Add 1 tsp Olive oil. Salt and pepper.

If you order a salad, get the dressing on the side and use choices like vinaigrette, Italian, Balsamic, olive oil, lemon.

For drinks I usually stick to water and lemon but you can also order Coffee, Decaf is better, Herbal Tea’s or anything without Sugar and Cream.

Always carry your own Stevia.

Movie Theatres, Games Etc

Big Purses for women / Murses for men

They are perfect for slamming a light bag of popcorn

in it. Taking protein bars along, Sugar free candies.

You can buy a diet soda and enjoy your own “junk food”. There is no reason why you have to let a place dictate and compromise your health standards.

If they catch you and ask, just tell them you have your own food along for diabetic and heart health purposes. You’re not lying. You don’t want to get diabetes nor a heart condition. You are in a prevention program!

Truer words have never been spoken!