80% Of Your Success Is Your Nutrition

Let TLC Pro Fitness Guide You on Your Healthy Journey

Plan 1

$75.00 – 1 personal meal prep plan

  • 2 Body analysis beginning and end of month
  • Food Plan according to specific likes and correct Calories and Macros
  • Grocery List
  • Recipes
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Plan 2

$135.00 – 2 personal meal prep plans

  •  Body Analysis beginning and mid and end of month.
  • Food Plan according to specific likes and correct Calories and Macros
  • Grocery list
  • Recipes
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I will look after all of your meals and make sure they are done all to your specifications using your own body weight, measurements, weight, height and age. Shopping and all cooking and packaged meals completed to your own specific macros and calories. Pricing is based on budget of the client and specific plan and quality. Please contact me for prices

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Congratulations for choosing to take your health seriously! This is where 80% of the improvements or set backs take place. Getting started on a new meal plan can be a bit intimidating at first. Food is often a part of our lives where we can have some addictive habits formed which are hard to give up. Rest assured you will NOT starve on these plans. Most clients feel they are eating too much because you will eat smaller portions more often. You will first click on one of the meal plan links below.

*Please note: This is a personal professional macro meal plan designed for your specific body type. I focus a lot on keeping the body as Alkaline as possible and give it the protein it needs (The only 2 “whole” proteins are Eggs and Beef there are also different types of animal proteins in the plan such as chicken, turkey, Fish) I do not work with Vegetarian diets because I believe they lack what the body needs and they work against muscle development which has been proven to burn more fat. I work only with what works the best for maximum muscle gain and fast fat loss results as well as the importance of a persons optimal health benefits. I have over 25 years of experience and still studying. A nutrition professional never arrives. Health is something I will study for the rest of my life. 


The goal is to get your metabolism working for you, not against you. Each week we will change your plan to keep your metabolism peaked. Each Challenge includes two recipes which we work with and slightly change weekly as you improve. These are very easy meals and you will eat often enough to not have cravings. The meal plan is sufficient food to stay satisfied throughout the day and still give great results.

Keeping Muscle Mass

Whole Proteins and Vegetables will remain high in your plan throughout the Challenge to ensure you do not lose muscle mass and keep your nutrients and vitamins high. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest and the more fat you lose. Our goal is also to keep you as Alkaline as we can to fight off illness and give you amazing energy.


We will always keep your vegetables high and keep you eating good percentage of healthy fats so you have adequate fuel for your workouts and daily tasks.


It is essential your intake of water is high. You should be drinking at least 2 cups with every meal (best before) plus 2 cups extra when waking and 2 cups extra in the evening. The total will be 16 cups. The drinks can be Decaf coffee, Herbal Tea’s with natural Stevia. NO juices allowed, no sugar allowed, no natural sugars allowed.

I will get more into the effects of “natural Sugars” with you.

A total of 1 cup light unflavoured Almond milk per day can be used in coffee or oatmeal when in the plan. You may use raw organic Stevia, just make sure the Stevia is not mixed with other sweeteners

The worst effect on our health has been proven to be Wheat, Sugar and not enough healthy Fats. I want to help reverse this in your life to help your weight loss be easier. Chronic inflammation can influence hunger signals and slow down metabolism and increase insulin resistance which raises the risk of diabetes. Eating foods thats will help reduce inflammation helps to prevent Cancer. Inflammation in the gums is linked to your gum line receding, dementia and heart disease. Inflammation is known to cause Candida, Sciatic nerve issues, Auto immune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis, Leaky gut syndrome, Crohns, Colitis, Celiac, psoriasis, sleep disorders, Asthma, Chronic bronchitis among other lung issues. It effects bones, skin problems and aging and depression.

I am sure you never thought of the effects of what sugar, wheat and not eating enough good healthy fats does to your body.

This program will teach you to eat whole foods and stay healthy to improve your energy and live a quality long life.

-I will send you a questionnaire which will tell me everything I need to know to make you a very personalized meal plan.

-We will make an appointment to meet live on FaceTime or Skype. I like to speak with you personally and receive as much information as I can to ensure your plan will be perfect for you.

Change is always a challenge but with food you love, we can make it fun. —Within 3 days of receiving your filled out Body Evaluation Analysis Form you will receive your Package in your email.

Your success starts with your nutrition!

You have my support!