Maybe you are new to the whole idea of getting your muscles toned or maybe you have a long history in the gym, no matter where you are at in your fitness level most people want to reduce fat while continuing to build muscle for tone or size.

Through the years I have heard my female clients tell me that they are worried that they will build bulky muscles if they lift heavy weights.

If this sounds like a familiar thought, let me put your mind at ease!

A woman does not contain a sufficient amount of testosterone levels like a man to build bulky muscles, thus making it next to impossible to naturally build a massive amount of bulging muscle, no matter how heavy the weight is. You may ask, “ I have seen women with massive muscles that look like men”. That is only because they have used hormones and drug enhancers that helped develop that type of physique. This was not something they could have accomplished by lifting heavy weights alone. Even with the extra help of hormones and drugs, it is a long road and takes a lot of time, dedication and proper diet to achieve that type of physique in both men and women.

Another myth men and women often have is, they think taking extra enhancing substances will grow huge muscles without much effort. Without a proper routine, time, commitment and a proper diet and supplementation the results won’t be great.

I hope that this has helped to clear up some concern for women scared of lifting heavier weights because I often hear women tell me they have goals to look “toned”.

The bottom line to achieving a nice toned physique is dedication to weight training, proper diet, cardio and commitment. It is important you keep stressing your muscles and changing up your routines to bring on enough fatigue for muscle growth to happen.

The way we build muscles is by damaging muscle fibres and then new muscle protein strands or myofibrils are formed which create muscle hypertrophy “muscle growth” which increases with each workout over time. Protein synthesis needs to be higher than the loss of cellular proteins in order for growth to happen. A sufficient amount of protein is essentially important when wanting to repair the muscle fibres after training in order to see the desired results and achieve look you are after. Branch chain amino acids are the building blocks to protein absorption and are also very essential. One of the cool things about lifting weights is that the development of your muscles actually happens at rest which helps you to burn fat while you sleep.

Lifting as heavy as you safely can with consistency along with the right food plan will help you achieve a fantastic physique. It can take a while for muscles to develop but with the right help you can achieve it! Genetics also play a role in muscle development.

Studies have found that the activation of satellite cells (much like stem cells for your muscles) may be the difference between women who find it easy to see tone or for men to build larger muscles and people that don’t build very easily.

Muscles Tension, Muscle damage and metabolic stress are the key factors in muscle growth. You could actually put your body into a catabolic state if you do not get enough rest and proper nutrition so following a professional plan is recommended for best results.

If you’re looking to start your own fitness journey apply to train with me online. I can help you reach your goals!

Tricia- Renee
TLC Pro Fitness Trainer