Cellulite can be a genetically inherited disposition people receive, although exercise and the right food plan for your body can diminish the effects and in some cases it disappears all together. I have had clients who started with a lot of cellulite and have completely gotten rid of it.  It will depend on genetics but I would not let that discourage you because I have seen cellulite completely disappear with my regular food plans and exercise plans.

Muscle weighs more than fat and you have more than likely increased your protein if you are following the recommended meal plan, so you will gain muscle. Give it time because the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn.

Preparing for my own photo session with top fitness photographer Noel Daganta, I was eating so clean and so perfect that I gained 4 pounds of muscle in a month but my body fat went down 3% yet I weighed more. This is a perfect example. Body fat % is whats important not so much what the scale says.

I can’t stress this enough, it is your FOOD intake! It is what you are putting into your mouth! The wine, the large portion of “healthy” brown rice, the “healthy” massive portion of quinoa, the “Healthy” bowl full of granola, fruit and yogurt first thing in the morning. OK, listen up! These have the “ability” to be healthy BUT the portion sizes you are choosing and time you are eating them and lack of protein intake is killing your “good intentions” to be “healthy” and reach your achievable goals to be in shape.

Cardio aids in weight loss and also lifting weights to build muscle helps in a very big way to lose weight but if you leave the house without breakfast and only eat at lunch, or maybe you are one of those people that goes to the gym then hits the coffee shop with buddies after, and then carb load on a “healthy” sugar filled buttery muffin, chances are you are setting yourself up for failure! Changing the way you think and eat takes a decision to finally DO something different so you won’t keep seeing the same results!

Going to the gym, working out, or just thinking your eating so great isn’t going to be enough when you are abusing your body with food by over eating! The way you eat will show signs on your abdominals first. If you can grab a handful of extra fat on your abs, you are not eating right!

A person who dedicates themselves to the gym yet constantly cheats from over eating kind of reminds me of a person going to church and then comes home and drinks until they pass out drunk, it just doesn’t really go with the faith!

Drop the fat while getting serious with doing squats and lunges along with many other great glute burners I will teach you. I have fantastic workout plans for creating the perfect glutes and your new food plan will also be a huge asset to your success, you will see some pretty miraculous changes!

I provide the amazing butt workouts that will definitely get your glutes in great shape along with the recommended food plan, you will be well on your way to some firm gluten you can be proud of! I love interval hit training, you will get a great cardio workout yet focused completely on firming and shaping your glutes and burning the extra fat off! If you are a beginner I will start you exactly at your level. If you are advanced you will be very pleased with the results you will receive using my plans!

I count on fat percentage more than pounds lost because muscle is heavier than fat. People do lose weight quickly especially at first and the more weight they have to lose the more they shed at the beginning, but this is not a quick crash diet plan, this is teaching you how to live differently with the way you consume food and the best workouts to reach your desired goals. I do not encourage my clients to step on the scale every morning. This will be discouraging and not recommended. I do however encourage my clients to buy themselves a personal Fat Tester and test themselves once a week so we closely monitor your progress and keep your program progressive.

This can be a very daunting feeling but you are NOT alone! First, you need to see that today is the first day of FINALLY doing something different, taking the first step with me. Maybe you feel like you’ve taken many steps in the past with no success, but truth is, You have never worked with TLC Pro Fitness before so you are doing something different this time!

I highly recommend you start with the “The Serious Body Transformation Membership”

This plan will ensure you get my undivided attention and I will watch your progress very closely. This is not only a physical process but an emotional one and I am with you every step of the way! We will take baby steps to get you results. We want a permanent solution not a crash diet. This will take a mind change, effort to make meals and a decision to put aside bad habits and weaknesses and trust me to be your guide. You have it in you and you will succeed this time because I am beside you and I will pick you up when you fall and encourage you and praise you to stay strong and keep going!

I recommend that you see your doctor before attempting any workout. Your doctor will recommend what you can and can’t do and we can take it from there.

After you have signed up I will give you an evaluation and find out at what level you are at. This will determine your food plan and the workout level I recommend for you.

This is a progressive program and as you improve your level will increase and you will see the results of your dedication.

As a personal trainer with online and in person experience I feel I have more time and energy to give my online clients. Personal training is exactly that, so it is different from group training, I need to give an 45 min to an hour of my time to each client. I am only one person and can only give to the amount of individual people I have energy and hours for in a day, but online training I can reach more people and give more personal attention to my clients, plus I still get to see my clients and speak personally with them, thanks to our wonderful technology!

I have clients in Mexico, Canada and the United States and I keep them very motivated and connected at the most professional level.

You have the convenience and option to get home and not worry about getting in your car and driving anywhere. You can be in the comfort of your own home or next door at the park and if you wish, or you can go to the gym but you will take me with you and you have my support with you all the time, thanks to the internet.

An in person trainer can’t provide that for you because they don’t have that support set up to provide such a service to you. You will also receive cooking videos, recipes and new meal plans. You can follow my weekly blog posts and I will give you continuous education on getting to your goals as efficiently as possible. I provide you a whole network of information and support. Plus personal training, changing meal plans, videos, body evaluation updates, consistent online support and constant education and personal time with me. This would cost a fortune in person but you get it all for $18.69 per session on my highest most individual plan, Including everything mentioned!

If you would like to be an affiliate client you will receive a discount for referrals. See details on affiliate program on site. 

First it is important to understand, developing “tone” is muscle development! This is something that takes “time and consistency and genetic disposition.”

For women this process is very slow and due to our make-up and lack of testosterone we will never have big muscles but we can develop some strength and tone over time if we are consistent and lift heavy weights. Genetics also plays a role in this process and varies with each persons different body type.

Satellite cells act like stem cells in your muscles and this activation or lack of may be the difference why some males are capable of growing their muscles large versus others seem to be “hard gainers”. Extreme responders to muscle growth can have a high activation level, where others may have a medium activation level and in studies some have shown to have no activation level, so building muscle naturally is 1st based on genetics. The amount of food, type and time food is consumed, and supplements also help in development.

A woman does not have the testosterone levels a man has, so it is genetically impossible for a woman to grow massive manly muscles without using drug enhancing substances. If you are looking to have nice lean “TONED” arms and a firm butt  this will take heavy weights and consistency. The faster you can put your worries aside that you will look like a man if you lift heavy weights, the faster you will see results.

The women you have seen that look like men with those bulging muscles that scare you have made a choice to take human growth hormones and other enhancing drugs.

It is important you understand that you are not genetically capable of this type of muscular growth no matter how hard you push heavy weights. You will see the real results weights will give you when you relax and maximize your efforts, and you will see that the heavier you lift you will just get lean beautiful and the toned fantastic body you always have wanted! So girls, bottom line…no wimping out! Lifting heavy will get you to your goals faster! 😉


The best time to do cardio is before you eat first thing in the morning. You will burn any unwanted calories you may have consumed the night before and you will rev up your metabolism for the day thus burning more calories and seeing faster results.

This is often something people feel that helps them have a flatter abdomen. The muscles beneath the fatty tissue do strengthen with exercise but working your core is not a cardio activity within itself. If you are focused on getting your abdominals is shape you will want to focus very much on changing the way you eat. Cardio helps burn fat during the workout but weights and strength training burns more calories while you rest. The more muscle you have the more you will be burning fat while you sleep. Still, your food intake, type, amount, times you eat all play a key role in the amount of fatty tissue you will retain or lose.

There are many different type of supplements you can benefit from. One of the main supplements I highly recommend everyone needs is a good quality protein powder. For example, one of my favourite protein supplements is Allmax Isoflex. It is a perfect protein right after you workout (Peanut Butter Chocolate, my personal favourite) Muscle growth occurs whenever the rate of muscle protein synthesis is greater than the rate of muscle protein breakdown. It is important to have an adequate amount of quality protein especially when you are working out. Supplements help achieve this source.

Also it is important to have an adequate amount of BCAA’s which are the building blocks of protein, I recommend Allmax Amino-core (watermelon is my favourite flavour)

This is often the case because most people do not eat enough times in the day to activate a healthy metabolism thus gaining weight. My plans provide you with enough food to not ever feel hungry but not feel packed full either. You will be eating every 3 hours but proper portions and correct percentage of macronutrients your body personally needs to reach your goals.

If you have opted for the “Serious Body Transformation” Plan you will receive my weekly personal motivational support. In each plan “The body Sculptor” and the “Serious Body Transformation” I provide you with meal plans that you won’t go hungry on. I also make sure you enjoy the food I recommend for you. I keep changing the plan and my goal for you is to make it a lifestyle, NOT a crash diet! The plan will provide you with exciting meals that are bursting with flavour and variety. It is more about planning ahead so you are not starved by the time you eat and then grab anything in front of your eyes that might be fast but not so beneficial to reach any type of fitness goals you may have. I am here to help you and give you meals that will make you excited to stick with the plan. I will also give you days you can eat a “cheat meal” to help you feel like you are not deprived. Having a few cheat treats in the month is a part of life and it can sometimes help you stay on track better when they are scheduled into your plan.

You won’t need a gym membership but if you want the options of many machines you may want to have one. You also will want to think about your goals and the type of equipment you will want to use and determine if you prefer to invest in your own equipment or rather pay a membership at a gym. There are also many community clubs and gyms that do not charge big price points and you can still keep a gym membership with a lower cost. Maybe the complex where you live has a small gym which can work just great! A gym is optional. Often buying equipment doesn’t have to cost a lot. Many people start a workout plan on their own with a lot of self enthusiasm to continue, but they don’t have a personal trainer motivating them and making it fun with regular changes and eventually they loose interest and land up selling their lightly used equipment. You can often find great deals in your local classifieds. Also if you are new and have never worked out, starting with tension bands may be perfect for your level of fitness. I will personally help you determine what you will need.

This will depend on the type of goals you have and the fitness level you are at. Also if you are looking into doing home workouts or gym workouts. Home workouts can range from tension bands, dumbbells, kettle bells, yoga matts and 2 Ply boxes. Some people have invested in universal home gym equipment, benches and weights, other people want to workout in a gym and still keep a membership. You can use my programs to do any of the above and I will provide the right workout for your personal goals.

This depends on your current condition. We will discuss your current goals and I will access your current fitness level during our consultation. We will start at a level you are capable and comfortable with. I am all about making this fun and helping you enjoy a new lifestyle where you will reach your goals.

This is part of your personal analysis that I do with you. I will provide a meal plan that you enjoy and I will provide you with recipes and a grocery list to make sure you get to your goals.

Just click on apply for training button at the top right of home page on website.

Please provide me with your Full name, Email and Phone number.

Let me know what you would like to improve

Please share what your current physique struggles are, and submit application.

I will contact you to make a date for your first free personal phone consultation and help you from there. From that point you are no longer alone, you have my support.

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