You won’t need a gym membership but if you want the options of many machines you may want to have one. You also will want to think about your goals and the type of equipment you will want to use and determine if you prefer to invest in your own equipment or rather pay a membership at a gym. There are also many community clubs and gyms that do not charge big price points and you can still keep a gym membership with a lower cost. Maybe the complex where you live has a small gym which can work just great! A gym is optional. Often buying equipment doesn’t have to cost a lot. Many people start a workout plan on their own with a lot of self enthusiasm to continue, but they don’t have a personal trainer motivating them and making it fun with regular changes and eventually they loose interest and land up selling their lightly used equipment. You can often find great deals in your local classifieds. Also if you are new and have never worked out, starting with tension bands may be perfect for your level of fitness. I will personally help you determine what you will need.