If you have opted for the “Serious Body Transformation” Plan you will receive my weekly personal motivational support. In each plan “The body Sculptor” and the “Serious Body Transformation” I provide you with meal plans that you won’t go hungry on. I also make sure you enjoy the food I recommend for you. I keep changing the plan and my goal for you is to make it a lifestyle, NOT a crash diet! The plan will provide you with exciting meals that are bursting with flavour and variety. It is more about planning ahead so you are not starved by the time you eat and then grab anything in front of your eyes that might be fast but not so beneficial to reach any type of fitness goals you may have. I am here to help you and give you meals that will make you excited to stick with the plan. I will also give you days you can eat a “cheat meal” to help you feel like you are not deprived. Having a few cheat treats in the month is a part of life and it can sometimes help you stay on track better when they are scheduled into your plan.