After you have signed up I will give you an evaluation and find out at what level you are at. This will determine your food plan and the workout level I recommend for you.

This is a progressive program and as you improve your level will increase and you will see the results of your dedication.

As a personal trainer with online and in person experience I feel I have more time and energy to give my online clients. Personal training is exactly that, so it is different from group training, I need to give an 45 min to an hour of my time to each client. I am only one person and can only give to the amount of individual people I have energy and hours for in a day, but online training I can reach more people and give more personal attention to my clients, plus I still get to see my clients and speak personally with them, thanks to our wonderful technology!

I have clients in Mexico, Canada and the United States and I keep them very motivated and connected at the most professional level.

You have the convenience and option to get home and not worry about getting in your car and driving anywhere. You can be in the comfort of your own home or next door at the park and if you wish, or you can go to the gym but you will take me with you and you have my support with you all the time, thanks to the internet.

An in person trainer can’t provide that for you because they don’t have that support set up to provide such a service to you. You will also receive cooking videos, recipes and new meal plans. You can follow my weekly blog posts and I will give you continuous education on getting to your goals as efficiently as possible. I provide you a whole network of information and support. Plus personal training, changing meal plans, videos, body evaluation updates, consistent online support and constant education and personal time with me. This would cost a fortune in person but you get it all for $18.69 per session on my highest most individual plan, Including everything mentioned!