A woman does not have the testosterone levels a man has, so it is genetically impossible for a woman to grow massive manly muscles without using drug enhancing substances. If you are looking to have nice lean “TONED” arms and a firm butt  this will take heavy weights and consistency. The faster you can put your worries aside that you will look like a man if you lift heavy weights, the faster you will see results.

The women you have seen that look like men with those bulging muscles that scare you have made a choice to take human growth hormones and other enhancing drugs.

It is important you understand that you are not genetically capable of this type of muscular growth no matter how hard you push heavy weights. You will see the real results weights will give you when you relax and maximize your efforts, and you will see that the heavier you lift you will just get lean beautiful and the toned fantastic body you always have wanted! So girls, bottom line…no wimping out! Lifting heavy will get you to your goals faster! 😉