I can’t stress this enough, it is your FOOD intake! It is what you are putting into your mouth! The wine, the large portion of “healthy” brown rice, the “healthy” massive portion of quinoa, the “Healthy” bowl full of granola, fruit and yogurt first thing in the morning. OK, listen up! These have the “ability” to be healthy BUT the portion sizes you are choosing and time you are eating them and lack of protein intake is killing your “good intentions” to be “healthy” and reach your achievable goals to be in shape.

Cardio aids in weight loss and also lifting weights to build muscle helps in a very big way to lose weight but if you leave the house without breakfast and only eat at lunch, or maybe you are one of those people that goes to the gym then hits the coffee shop with buddies after, and then carb load on a “healthy” sugar filled buttery muffin, chances are you are setting yourself up for failure! Changing the way you think and eat takes a decision to finally DO something different so you won’t keep seeing the same results!

Going to the gym, working out, or just thinking your eating so great isn’t going to be enough when you are abusing your body with food by over eating! The way you eat will show signs on your abdominals first. If you can grab a handful of extra fat on your abs, you are not eating right!

A person who dedicates themselves to the gym yet constantly cheats from over eating kind of reminds me of a person going to church and then comes home and drinks until they pass out drunk, it just doesn’t really go with the faith!