I found that in making protein icecream, not only do you enjoy a rich delicious, totally guilt free treat, but you burn so many calories making it, you actually lose weight! hahaha
1 scoop Vanilla Phase 8 Muscle Tech Protein powder ( or flavour your choice)
1 cup light Almond milk
1 Tbsp Spenda or Stevia optional
1 Tbsp Cacao Optional (depends on flavour of protein)
1 Tbsp PB2 85% less fat Peanut Butter powder (optional)
Pour mixture into a small sealed ziplock bag.
In a bigger separate bag place 6 cups ice add 1/2 cup salt to the bag of ice.
Add the smaller sealed bag in the big bag of ice and salt and seal larger bag.
Here is where you will workout for 10 minutes shaking the heck out of the bag. After 10 minutes remove the small bag of protein and enjoy every mouthful of your hard earned protein icecream!
This really is worth every minute of shaking! 😉
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