About Tricia Renee

From a young age Tricia Renee loved weight training and took part in track competitions.  She was always overly lean and bodybuilding was what shaped her. At 20 years old Tricia Renee became very involved in the first gym in her small town in Canada which became her new world in the early 90’s when bodybuilding training was really becoming the rage. Many of her co-workers evolved the fitness industry in Canada. Some of her co-workers won #1 overall in Canada’s top bodybuilding Competitions and started some of Canada’s top body building businesses to date. One being Freak Fitness and Super Freak products.  She was moulded by watching many of the pro’s train and taking on all the advise she could take on from the owner/master trainer of the gym she worked in Maximum Fitness now known as Fitness Zone. These early years moulded her and later took formal Fitness and Nutrition education. She never stops studies. If you are needing a serious trainer who will not let you down, a trainer who stays current and will get you to finally reach the goals,  Tricia’s program’s have been proven to give her clients results! It’s not only your workout you need to be concerned of, a big part of your success is your food! Food plans and classes are also available. Consultations are FREE!

Hands on training has always been Tricia’s passion. She has over 25 years of experience. Her specialty is providing Personalized Fitness Programs and Nutrition Meal Prep Plans and education with updated body analysis for women in their 30’s and 40’s that need to improve their metabolism and lose body fat and men in their 40’s and 50’s who want to “lose the tire” and look more fit and improve health as you age.

Tricia provides analysis for training technique and correction, accountability to stick with the programs she provides, which are tested and proven to give excellent results in the shortest amount of time possible. She provides personal outstanding positive motivation which helps ensure her clients get results. Working with Tricia Renee is a life investment into a new happier you which will change the way you think and feel. She will help you with your goals and support you to be consistent until success has been achieved and you have healthier lifestyle.

Programs Include:

  • One on One Personal Sessions and Packages: Weight-loss/ Muscle building/ Toning.
  • Body testing and Personal Macro Meal Plans and education to ensure your success
  • Option: Meal Prep done for you (Playa del Carmen only, Canada and USA locations Avail.)
  • Cardiovascular Improvement and Health
  • Online Tone & Strength Training
  • Body Sculpting
  • Increase Muscle Mass Plans with Supplement education, online and personal

Tricia is a world fitness trainer and traveler and loves her multicultural life. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She grew up in Canada and has lived in Newport Beach California, Colombia and currently lives in beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. She provides outstanding motivation and gives quality training with guaranteed results. Her patience, positivity, and consistency will ensure your success. Tricia Renee takes on clients that are fully dedicated and ready to take on the challenge of positive change!

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