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Tricia is a world fitness trainer and Macro meal planner specializing in womens weight loss and fitness goals. She loves to travel and enjoys her multi cultural lifestyle. and is fluent in English and Spanish. She grew up in Canada, has lived in Newport Beach California and currently has her home in the beautiful Mexican Caribbean, Playa Del Carmen. She provides outstanding motivation and gives quality training with guaranteed results. Her caring nature, patience, positivity, and consistency will ensure your success. Tricia Renee only takes on clients that are fully dedicated. Click here to apply for online training.

Make sure to join my personal in studio one on one training programs and cooking classes with meal plans. All programs also available online live and video form. Each program is made specifically for your needs. Consultations are free 

Some of My Clients AMAZING RESULTS!!!

“I lost 41 pounds in 8 months and this is the best I’ve ever felt.”

“I met Tricia, when I finally reached the point when I knew I had to make some changes. I remember seeing her at the market and I saw this incredible physique that I had only seen in magazines! I hesitated to talk to her at first but I couldn’t take my eyes off her, so I decided to approach her and ask her, what exactly she was doing to get the body! Luckily for me she was very approachable and told me she was a personal trainer, my immediate response was to ask her to take me as one of her clients, a week later we were working out, side by side! she began also educating me about healthy nutrition habits. Tricia has instilled in me the confidence & discipline. I’ve gained knowledge of the proper form & techniques needed to reduce the risk of injury.

Tricia has inspired me to make dramatic changes in my lifestyle. I look better and feel better. She uses the perfect amount of humor, concern, and motivation and makes me look forward to my training sessions.”

– Elsa Tung Rodriguez

“I transformed in 8 weeks with TLC Pro Fitness.”

I am so happy I contacted TLC Pro Fitness. The change is what I looked to achieve. Very professional service at affordable prices. I have received real results in a short time! Tricia will inspire and support you all the way. Her dedication shows the passion she has for each of her clients!

-Anna Gram

“Tricia has been my personal trainer and because of her efforts I am stronger and working out has become fun. Tricia’s had a perfect combination of diverse training and meal planning and individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Her training has also helped me mentally as I own my own business.”

Todd A

“Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her clients is the perfect scenario for a new healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend her. ”

“I have learnt so much in just a short space of time. I hope everyone has the chance to benefit from you and your great gifts.”

“I just wanted to thank you for the immense training these last four weeks. I’ve never actually trained with a female trainer before and I can honestly say you are an absolute rock star! To have the opportunity to workout alongside you, with someone at your level, it’s nothing short of inspiring. You say things in sessions, usually completely unaware that you have sparked something deeply for me. We are working out not just physically but mentally and spiritually. Your commitment to your clients shines through and I knew you were on my side every step of the way. I feel extremely supported and this helps me tremendously, especially i when I lose momentum. You’re in my corner, and you push me at times to do more than I think I can. I have learnt so much in just a short space of time. I hope everyone has the chance to benefit from you and your great gifts. Thank you for showing me what’s possible and thanks for believing in me.”


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